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Jim Pease


As an industry leader, engineer, operations and general manager for over twenty-five years, Jim has extensive aircraft experience. His responsibilities include composites, (metallic and non-metallic), life support oxygen systems and managing the growth of OEM companies. Now at Skylock, Jim has expanded and built it into a state-of-the art automated and CNC equipment computerized and retooled company. Under Jim’s leadership Skylock is dedicated to innovation of new products and outstanding customer service.

“Lead time is significant. Through the manufacturing process we at Skylock reduce our customers' lead time to meet their expectations and goals everyday!”

David Ladin

Director - Business Development

With over 42 years of experience in the aerospace and commerical fastener business, Dave's knowledge and relationships with major companies world-wide, will help promote the growth of Skylock business in these industries. under his direction the sales of existing products and the indroduction of new products will be pursued to the fullest while still giving the customer the outstanding service they expect from a world class company

"Here at Skylock nothing is impossible. We just look at why it was impossible and then we work out how to make it happen. In business the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stanstill they will swallow you."



Candy Perez


Manager - Inside Sales & Office

Candy helps customers to get the right answers to meet their product needs. She interfaces with the Skylock engineering team and manufacturing department to provide accurate information and quotes for her customers daily,

“Working with a customer is about relationship building and I will go the extra mile for them!  I want to give them on-going excellent service to meet their every product needs right on schedule.”

Raymond Yeung

Director - Quality Assurance
Raymond is Director of Quality Assurance with over twenty-nine years in manufacturing, management, life support systems, and mechanical engineering. He has extensive experience in manufacturing environments as an Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, and Director of Quality Assurance.

“I want to help each individual customer so that they receive the very best quality products based upon their specifications.”

Jimmie Pease Jr.

Operations Manager
Jimmie has managed teams manufacturing military bullet proof resistant glass products and pressure testing units.  For 6 years Jimmie has managed to build and increase the Skylock efficiencies by consistently meeting the clients demands on time.  As Operations Manager he oversees each product on the floor and he demands the best out of his team.   

“Our staff meets the demands and schedules each time. Delivery is never a problem for our customers—They come first.”

Steve Meineke

Director of Engineering

Steve brings to Skylock over 36 years of experience in the aerospace industry as Chief Engineer and Engineering Manager. His extensive experience in the development and implementation of new and current products for strategic military and commercial programs will help promote our growth in specialty fasteners, latching systems and mechanical mechanisms.

"The relationships between customers and engineering personnel will help us to better satisfy the needs of our customers by supplying the correct product to satisfy their expectations and requirements."

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